We're your Local Office in China

We understand your core goal: To get exactly what you asked for, in time and at the right price. No matter you visit China or not, we can help you sourcing from Yiwu Market. We can send you a product sample and order goods of the same quality from the market.
Send us your product requirements: Share as many details as possible. The more you share with us, the more efficient we can help you.
We'll share with you an initial products quotation for free and explain everything that you care, before mass ordering.
Once you accepted the quote we do a factory audit and order a sample from them. We will send you a full report and a sample for you to review.
We will inspects all goods upon arrival at our warehouse, and ship goods to your location in time for you to process and deliver.
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Our Sourcing Processes

Our key focus is to ensure that the sourcing process, manufacturing, collecting and delivery of the goods is as efficient as possible. All this with the right price, quality and lead time.

Understanding your requirements

The first step is to get an overview of your requirements and expectations. What do you want to produce and what quantity? How will the product be used? What is the expected standard and quality? What previous issues have you faced?

Collect bids from vendors

We create a detailed specification of your requirements and send this out to multiple suppliers. We then review bids and responses to ensure reasonable pricing for raw material and expected processes. We then select the best option based on a mix of price, performance, quality and our experience of the suppliers.

You get an initial products quotation

You receive a quote where we will also discuss potential issues and risks. We will explain dimension deviations, finish limitations/implications, domestic material equivalent alternatives, etc

Negotiating prices with multiple vendors

When you come to China, our sourcing expert will accompany you visiting the Yiwu Market and negotiating prices with vendors who offer your products.

Collecting goods from multiple vendors or factories

When you leave China, we'll help you collecting goods you ordered from different vendors or factories.

Inspecting goods arrived in our wearehouse

Our team performs a final inspection of your order prior to shipping, and issues you the final quality report, when the production is completed or it’s delivered to our warehouse.

Shipping goods to your country or destination

We will communicate with freight forwarder to arrange pickup and delivery. We will manage customs documentation including HS Codes/Tariffs and certificates. As soon as the pickup is done we monitor tracking information, customs clearance and schedule delivery to your desired location.

Goods arrival at your desired location

Our logistics team handles all of the freight forwarding, shipping, and customs clearance from our warehouse to your final destination.