January 14, 2022

The 6 Best China Locksmith Tools Wholesaler to Grow Your Inventory

China is the world's factory. Outsourcing manufacturing in China can help your business level up quicker and grow to new levels. Manufacturing in China can be advantageous for many businesses, you benefit from lower production costs and faster production and scalability.

Sourcing locksmith tools in China is also a good choice to enlarge your business. China has more than 8 locksmith tools brands, which won great reputation among locksmiths all over the world. Chinese locksmith tools are being sold everywhere on B2C platforms, but here're my recommendations for locksmith tools distributors.

1. Lock Pick No. 1

Locksmith tools wholesaler

Established since 2010, Lock Pick No. 1 is the most professional locksmith tools supplier in China. They've been specialized in the locksmith tools industry for over 10 years. Lock Pick No. 1 cooperates with 8 major Chinese locksmith tools brands to bring their customer high-quality locksmith tools with an unbeatable price. Lock Pick No. 1 is a webstore but you can contact their wholesale service.

2. Alibaba

Wholesale Locksmith Tools from Alibaba

Alibaba is the world's largest B2B marketplace, where you can find elite locksmith tools suppliers. Alibaba's Verified Supplier badge shows who's serious about doing business with you, and its Trade Assurance badge protects online orders between you and your selected supplier when payment is made though Alibaba payment service.

3. DHgate

Wholesale Locksmith Tools from DHgate

Founded in 2004, DHgate is China's leading B2B2C platform, first and largest wholesale marketplace at the forefront of the fastest growing form of e-commerce: cross-border trade. Unlike Aliexpress, a buyer can buy a certain product with different price range based on the quantity you'd like to purchase.

It has a great selection of locksmith tools and supplies on DHgate, most of them are sold by 3rd party suppliers, who seems not so "professional" on the locksmith tools industry. DHgate is designed for both end-user (a locksmith) and companies (locksmith distributors), you can buy 1 piece or 10 pieces or 100 pieces for a certain item, but please don't trust their price range, I strongly suggest you have a communication with them for the price if you buy in larger quantity.

4. Made-in-China

Wholesale Locksmith Tools from Made-in-China

Just like Alibaba, Made-in-China is another B2B platform of China. Until now, made-in-china has a total of 1,494 products listed in the locksmith tools category from about 43 manufacturers & suppliers, some of the them can be ordered and paid through made-in-china's online trading platform.

I just had a closer look at the platform locksmith tools category, more of the suppliers are trading companies, so I strongly suggest you have a price comparison with other wholesalers I listed here. And, paying directly from your bank account to the supplier's bank account is at your own risk, I suggest you pay the supplier through online trading, where you have buyer protection.

5. AliExpress

Wholesale Locksmith Tools from AliExpress

AliExpress is the eBay-like marketplace of China, which is well-known for its super low prices. Lots of merchants are selling locksmith tools on their stores. AliExpress is operated by Alibaba Group, it's a B2C platform, so it's not friendly to wholesalers. Buying a large quantity from an AliExpress seller, you need to communicate with the seller for the price change, but paying to they without AliExpress buyer protection is at your own risk.

In many countries, selling locksmith tools is prohibited, so does in China. Many sellers add the products in other categories to avoid this limitation, so the catalog is not in full, I mean, not all locksmith tools are added in this market platform. What's more, super low price means super low quality or counterfeit product you'll receive. Although your funds is protected under buyer protection, but it's a waste of your time.

6. Banggood

Wholesale Locksmith Tools from Banggood

Banggood is a young cross-border enterprise of China, with multiple warehouses and localized service teams in the world.

Banggood outsources some locksmith tools and sell in their direct-to-consumer online shop, with their own brand name "Daniu". You can order from them in bulk through Banggood Wholesale Program.

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