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Perfect and fluid work with this guys, buy more than $200.000 with them with no problem and keep growing. I went to Yiwu last month to know this guys and they are extremely kind and respectful people.
Donald Hunter
New York
We have made several orders through Yiwu Sourcing both air and sea orders, we can recommend the co-operation with Yiwu Modern. Yiwu Modern haven given us fair prices, they have delivered in time and correct quantity and quality.
Mike Hughes
New York
As an Amazon seller, we always have absolutely strict requirements upon all the items, the design, the quality, the production, packing and labeling and everything like that, but they never turned to be a problem for Yiwu Modern. They always did meticulous work and paid attention to detail to fulfill our needs, match Amazon requirements, and help us increase the sales volume in the end. All in all, we are way too grateful to meet and work with Yiwu Modern. Thanks again!
Rachel Hudson
Our long-term relationship with Yiwu Modern is due in part to their high degree of professionalism, and their knowledge of Amazon. They offer superior products and services and have been instrumental in providing us with a level of confidence that other agents only promise.
Samuel Barrett
New York
We’ve had a great experience with Yiwu Modern and were deeply impressed by their professional capacity, efficiency, and terrific work. All the items ordered were finished on time, and were quickly and safely delivered to our fulfillment center.
Alexander Woods
New York
Charles has been with us every step of the way. From sourcing quality products, to developing and designing new products, to finding quality manufacturers at a competitive cost; to inspecting products before shipping them via air and sea while helping us navigate thru Chinese and American customs. We have a fantastic working relationship with their staffs. Thank you Yiwu Modern and thank you Charles!
Olivia Douglas
New York
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Katherine Garrett
New Hampshire

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